"the missing MBA for wannabe solopreneurs"

cohort #1 ran in fall 2023

next edition in 2024

"I have been following Flavio for many years and have always admired his tenacity and consistency, which has truly paid off. With SOLO LAB, there is no magic recipe, just hard truths. Flavio gets straight to the point, explaining how he managed to reach his current position and detailing what worked and what didn't for him. This insight has provided me with the motivation I needed to finally embark on my solo journey."
Sébastien Viallemonteil

"SOLO LAB showed me the exact path I want to follow in my life. Now I know not only how to do this but also what mistakes I should avoid. Without this knowledge, I would probably never have tried solo entrepreneurship and would have been unhappy in my 9 to 5 job. I totally recommend it if you understand that it's only a guide, and the entire work you need to do by yourself."

"SOLO LAB gave me good value content and concrete learnings and experience. I enjoyed and appreciated Flavio’s transparency and his brutally honest approach. I think in SOLO LAB, once again, Flavio demonstrates that there are a few real aspects (20/80 Pareto approach) that move the needle when you want to achieve success as a solopreneur. Also, those principles are simple but not easy. Adding on top of that, they are not necessarily sexy but they work. Having realized that through the lessons, I felt guilty because maybe I kinda knew some of those principles but I was constantly looking for something more complex, sexy, or a new shiny object to delay to start putting in the work."
Dorothy Silva

"Precious insights from somebody who has skin in the game, to switch from consumer to creator, while taking back your time. A very helpful guide to start from, to run your own lifestyle business. No bullshits, Flavio gets to the essentials, following the 20/80 Pareto principle."

" I'm already getting a ton of value from the SOLO LAB. Flavio has the heart of a true solopreneur. He comes from the perspective of wanting to see others succeed and he's got the experience of having done it himself to a high level. In addition to the instructional material, which obviously comes straight from his heart, the community of students participating in the course is very active, asking and answering great questions. Finally, the challenge provides a structure to bring everything together to focus intention into action with the support of the rest of the community. For anyone considering starting to earn their own living on their own terms, I can't recommend it enough."